Seafood stuffing or filling is another one of my big favorites although it can be a bit time consuming.

Wikipedia defines it this way, in cooking, it is an edible substance or mixture, used to fill a cavity in another food item.

Again, here we have different types of filling. It can be filling meat, or filling vegetables, fruit or seafood, but we will do the seafood-part only.

Have you noticed the many different niches in seafood? It is a subject that can go on forever.

But my concern is solely on seafood soups stews and sauces, well stuffing is the exception on this rule.

Take the filling for instance; you can fill fruit, vegetables or other seafood with great stuffing. If you look at the different examples I use you can try your own wonderful ingredience.

You can use anything to fill from avocado or eggfruit to chillis.

You can use mussel shells or oyster shells, or even the shells of crayfish or crab – if they are big enough.

Crab Stuffing

I see filling food this way as a very modern type of “Bunny-chow” which lends itself to use anything you can think of as a filler.

Here I have about ten different recipes of my own for you to drool over. But if you want to make fillings for a meal, you will find that these stuffing’s are a big winner when it comes to socializing with friends.

In all, or most of my recipes I touches on the wine-tips of socializing, but wine is a big part of being with friends and family on special occasions.

South Africa is no doubt one of the world’s biggest wine producers. Our guests and tourists from overseas will surely go home “empty” without making a call to one of our wine yards in the Cape.

In our Cape Province you will meet all kinds of wines, from sweet Muscadel l- white or Red - to our dry Cabernet Sauvignon red wines.

Now, I don’t proclaim to be a wine Master but I do know that my passion lies with the red-wine range. Although on cold winter nights a sweet wine is just the right medicine to keep the coldness away from your bones …


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