Seafood stews are so enormously versatile that anything your mind can conserve is possible to achieve.

Stews might be the earliest type of food that could be described as “sophisticated” There are indications that even in a time before Jesus was born; it was cooked.

They cooked it in big sea shells. Even turtle shells have been used to cook their broth of meat and vegetables in.

I think this dish was born when that first primitive hunter brought back meat to his starving family that was so tough that no-one could bite into it.

Maybe his wife got so fed-up with his poor judgement of finding good meat that she tried to spite him by simmering the broth the whole day.

Basic Seafood Stew.

Keeping his stomach growling - giving him time to reflect on his hunt skills - only to find that by nightfall the meat was as soft as marrow.

But seriously, it can also be classified into a few basic types like meat, vegetable and seafood.

I would say that if we want to slap a definition out on what a good stew is, it would be a combination of solid food ingredience that’s being cooked in a liquid, thick enough to form gravy.

The liquid could be anything from water to wine. Along with seasoning to flavour with, you could even add flour to give the sauce more body.

A good seafood brew should take time to simmer to get all the different flavours sapping out and mixing through-out the dish.

The way I like to cook up a good bodied Seafood steamer is to add a nice seafood soup-powder near the end of the simmering. That really thickens up the sauce well and it does wonders to the taste buds too.

Seafood Stew is similar to soup, and in some cases there is no clear distinction between the two. But generally it has less liquid than a soup, is much thicker and requires longer cooking over low heat by simmering...

You can cook your vegetables along in the same cooker or you can cook the vegetables separate.

While soup is served in a bowl, our dish for the day can be served on a plate...

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