Cookbook of Family Seafood Treats

A family can bring Hugh responsibility and sometimes it is not so easy to keep everyone happy at the same time. 

- EXEPT – supper-times...

 When it comes to feasting on the joys of life, peace is always close at hand.

For this reason I wrote this Seafood treats for the family so we could be around a table or on the patio to enjoy each other’s company and talk about the real important thing in life – love!

This book has ten sections. Each section deals with a single aspect of Seafood Treat.

From soup to snacks with sauces or dips you can add to what your favourite is.

Just click on this link to review a few pages of this book. Family Seafood Treats


 I know it took a long time to write this book – but as I promised – HERE IT IS!

For only  $14.99  you get over fifty recipes and other treats for the family.

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Family Seafood Treats

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