This Seafood Paella is a dish made with a rice base and any type of ocean fish can be used with it.

Ordinary Paella is also a type of rice dish. It originated from Spain and has become very popular and well known around the world.

It originated in the fields of a region called Valencia in eastern Spain.

The Valencian people prepared this dish with whatever ingredients they could lay their hands on like - rabbit, snails or vegetables.

Today paella has spread to every region of the world, using just about any kind of ingredient that goes well with rice!


This is what a typical Paella looks like.

In this website – however - we are more concern with seafood than anything else. But the basic rules also apply here when it comes to ingredience for your Paella.

Actually, there are as many versions of paella as there are cooks.

It may contain anything from chicken, pork, shellfish, fish, eel, squid, beans, peas, artichokes or peppers.

Saffron is the spice used that also turns the rice into a wonderful golden colour which is an essential part of the dish.

As we said earlier, there are as many versions of paella as there are cooks and if you want to experiment with this dilisious dish we will soon have even more of a variety to choose from – want to do your part?

Well as soon as you have a recipe ready for us you can ad it by clicking here. It will take you to a new page where you can add the recipe and I will create a page especially for you!

In the table of content below are links to my versions of ten recipe-varieties of seafood paella.

The recipes are step-by-step recipes and include photos of each dish.

If you have never watched someone cook paella, I recommend that you start by reviewing this step-by-step explanation.

It will give you a good idea of the process from start to finish.

Seafood Paella is a great way to socialise around a fire place.

All in all it is not a difficult dish to make. Not much can go wrong exept forgetting it on the stove

Table Of Content - Seafood Paella


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