Seafood Sauces are really something you can put your heart into because anything you liking can be used or even self-made. I do love my curries and Mexican peri-peri’s and this gives me the opportunity to go WILD.

But a gravy aren’t just a gravy, they add flavor, moisture, texture and visual appeal to a dish or a meal.

Seafood Sauces

If we talk about gravys to be used on a main course for instance, we can safely say that there are a few basic types.

First off there are the “hots” and to “cold gravies”.

Then we have the milk or cream-based gravies to thicken a broth or roux of a dish,

It gives food more flavor by using stock or extract,

Tomato based ones are usually only used in a “cold” fashion like mixing it with mayo and other cold ingredience.

If you want to cook with tomato gravy though, you have to be careful not to add the tomato too early into the cooking process because it tends to turn into oil and can spoil all your hard work.

…then we have our egg yolk, vinegar, butter and lemon types.

The Japanese again, are crazy about the soya-based types.

I'm sure that any old cultures in the world could come up with a unique way to make their own gravies.

I grew up among the Zulu-people and one of their new-craze gravies are curried-up green mangoes chopped into small pieces – they call it ajar.

But you can use any of these basic gravies to make a Seafood sauce by adding to them the theme of the main course to compliment the food.

If you are a seasoned cook or chef I'm sure you must have been experimenting with all kinds of ingredience adding and changing basic toppings to fit the bill.

Like many thing around cooking and preparing food, every cook or chef has its own “secrets” about sauces and other tasty treats that stays in his or her kitchen.

Like a magician, there are some secret you just don’t share with anybody – not even your best friends. Especiallye when it coms to Seafood sauces...


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