Crayfish Appetizer

Crayfish appetizers are really big here in South Africa because it is so readily available all along our coastlines.

Apart from making just one platter, you could combine this one with some of my other snacks making it a nice evening instead.

Crayfish Appetize

The nice thing about seafood is that it cooks or grills real fast. It is also a good diet if you apply the recipe well in the lines of precise amounts of ingredience and stay away from the oily stuff.

But if you want to enjoy you snack without caring too much about the kilo joules, a more or less measurement is good enough.

If you’re a spicy type of person you can season this dish with fish- spice or a spice of your own choice.

Another option could be curry or Peri-Peri.

To decorate this delicatessen on a platter board, I use green jalapeño- and red pimento-chillis sliced into long strips along with the striped fish meat.

You can also put some green and black olives for more effect among the Crayfish Appetizers as well.

What you’ll need for this appetizer:

1 ounce tuna

1 ounce butters

1 ounce crab meat

2 ounce green jalapeño pepper

2 ounce red pimento pepper

1 pound Lobster meat, cooked and cut into thin slices

10-12 round buns sliced in half and toasted making it 20-24 toasted buns to decorate.

The tuna, butter and crab meat you can mix in a suitable bowl or even in a food processer creating “past”.

First, you butter the bun, then use the mix as a spread with the main dish and chilli strips as dressing on top.

If you like some sauce or dip with this snack, you have a variety of possibilities.

Some other snacks can be placed on the table like potato chips and salty crackers.

Some chilled wine in an ice bucket also placed on the table will definitely create a nice mood with slow music as a background smoother…

(You will find that I talk about crayfish and sometimes I call it a lobster. Although there is a difference in the two types of crustaceans, here we talk about crayfish.)


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