About Me

By: Steven White

Hi there,

Everybody calls me TOKS - it's the only name I really know.

But this website is not about me, it is about where I grew up, about my love for Seafood and the seafood's that are available in this beautiful country of ours.

...on this page though, I talk a bit about my Country and my story discovering SBI...

Here the ocean is a big attraction and fishing and scuba diving is something we all grew up with.

So seafood, barbeques and Indian curries are our main foods.

(Apart from Koedoe-Biltong, skaap-afval and potjie-kos - but I know you don’t know what that is - yet-, well – I have good news for you – in the “Not too distant future” you will read all about it in my next website – Travelling-south-africa.com)

My Problem

Although I worked a 9 to 5 job most of my life I suddenly needed to get out of the rat race. I was choked up and stressed out every day at work. I was close to fifty then and I thought there was no way out for me but to take what pension I had and find something else to do!

So, while still holding on to my 9 to 5, I was looking around to find a second income that would later be my only income.

At first I thought I could make money by making hand-made knives - another one of my passions - But I soon discovered that my back won't allow that type of work. Then my knees started to act up and it was not long before I lost my job because of medical reasons and I was only fifty two.

Internet Robbery

I was introduced to the internet and MLM, hoping to start an Internet-base-business. Here, I thought, was the perfect income generator made just for me!

There were seminars, webinars and all kinds of conferences and meetings to go to where everybody has something to say on the how and the why. Everybody wants to sell you something that will help you propel your business into the clouds.

Yes… I lost a lot of money and wasted a lot of time. But at least I now know a hundred ways NOT to make money on the net!!

Although I tried several MLM programs and read a lot of articles, did some courses – some for free and some I bought, I soon realise that the only people making the money was the people that sold you that crap.

But the heart-breaking thing about the Internet is that there are still so many people that will lose their money the same way most of us did before they’ll ever make that first dollar.

A Lucky Strike

I was one of the lucky ones that eventually stumbled upon that single jewel in this fast emptiness of darkness where the only way to learn, was to burn!

One day I was roaming through some of the PDF-files and ebooks I gathered on my PC as time went along and I came across an E-book by the name of “The Affiliate Masters Course” written by a guy named Ken Evoy.

At first is sounded like any of the thousands of other e-books I've read, but then something caught my eye!

"The Affiliate Masters Course is an intensive 10-DAY course on becoming a High-earning affiliate champion." the first sentence read.

“Yea-yea”I thought “same-o-same-o!!”

Been there… done that… even got the t-shirt and a cap!!”

But then I got stuck on these words;

How can it be done? Bybuilding income through content,” the proven, C T P M way!

A Formula At Last

I quickly understood the concept of Content, Traffic, Presell and Monetize were key-works(huh?) in a process I have yet to learn.

10 days – I thought– I can waste ten days, hell I've been wasting nearly five years trying to find the right approach for making money on the Internet.

Another week or so would not make a difference because by then I realised that there were no real "get rich quick" schemes because if it was THAT easy, why isn’t everybody getting rich that way then?

I decided that THIS was the last of it – if this one does not pan out for me, I'm going to find myself a small shop and hang in there until I hear that lonely call in the sky!

I Saw The First Nugget

As I read through Ken Evoy’s e-book, I suddenly realized that I could well have struck gold here at last.

This guy sounded so real and honest.

He was talking a language I could understand and as I read on, a new world suddenly shined through the darkness of confusion and hopelessness.

I started by buying the monthly payable Solo Build It course and started on that ten day course he mentioned! 

And after the fifth day I knew that there was no more turning back for me – ever!!

I rushed out of the house onto the lawn that night and I yelled out with all my might “EURICAAAAAAAAA…”

Somewhere in the dark someone mumbled “what’s that all about?’

For the first time I understood what role the search-engines plays in the hunting for the right information for its customers.

Right from the start I knew that this ten-day period was in a sense like the seven-day creation – it was not a 24-hour period and I can tell you this – ten days through the eyes of Solo Build It can be a long-long-time-my-friend, as the song goes…

I started to work through the material and I not only build myself a grand website making me feel proud of myself, it also makes me money.

I also learned more than I ever expected to learn, I even learned about things I didn’t even knew existed. From finding my own niche, researching key-words, learning how search engines work and creating my own free traffic, putting the search engines and humans visiting my site at ease and giving them what they both want! (huh?)

and you know what? The harder I worked at my web-sites, the luckier I get!!!

Doing something you love is not work at all…

Because the ocean always had that fascination for me it was no big surprise that when I researched my Niche it came to be all about seafood and seafood recipes!!

I have a grandchild still in grammar school and she is already learning to build her own business on the Internet and BEFORE she'll leave school in six years’ time or so, she’ll be set for life having a reliable income and a good strong business.

A greater gift than this you can not give anyone!!!

But the BEST thing I learned through Solo Build It and the people I met through them, was that if I can do it, anybody can do it.

So… if you want to build yourself a lucrative

Internet Business – there is only one way to go and

that is the Solo Build It-way!!

Click here to go the Solo Build It-way!

Building a business through Solo Build It was the BEST way for me to go on PENSION!!!


 I know it took a long time to write this book – but as I promised – HERE IT IS!

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