Seafood Cook Books Of South Africa

My family and friends were the reason for me writing these books about the South African foods and dishes they love the most.

The weather here in our country is so wonderful that we really are more out-doors than in-doors.

We entertain friends and family just about every weekend, long weekend and any other reason we can think of to celebrate.

Summers and winters are equally being utilized to entertain family or friends as any other day in the year.

We have adapted to entertaining where-ever and when-ever – as long as we can be together.

It was for this reason that I have started this website, to get family and friends together – and keeping them together.

I have heard somewhere that family that get together, stays together and I belief this with all my heart.

So, please enjoy these books. Collect them, use them and share them with your friends and family.

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Family Seafood Treats

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Seafood Fondues

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Chillis and Recipes

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Seafood Potjie-kos

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Seafood Miscellaneous.


 I know it took a long time to write this book – but as I promised – HERE IT IS!

For only  $14.99  you get over fifty recipes and other treats for the family.

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Family Seafood Treats

SBI! Case Studies